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"We are an industry association and have been working for over 50 years. We also have members who are not from industry but from the health profession, government, teaching, and research institutes, and individuals. However, the overwhelming majority of our members are from industry. So we have an excellent rapport with other stakeholders.

Our main objective is the creation of awareness among various stakeholders of food products. Thus we publish articles and blogs and post as well as hold webinars to create awareness about the Food, Quality, Nutrition, Safety, etc. of Food Products. We try to support the industry in many ways. We try to bring together industry and health professionals to minimize misconceptions about food products.

Whenever there are new regulations, we try to bring an understanding about these among industry members and if there is any difficulty then we make a representation to the government namely FSSAI. We also hold Regulatory webinars on new regulations so members can discuss the difficulties and benefits of new regulations.

We hold conferences and seminars and other regulatory meetings. We also carry out projects for companies including webinars."

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