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Seminar on "GoodNutrition: Key to development for better tomorrow”- Nutrition Awareness Week Activity - Mysore

(7th February 2020)

Seminar on "Food Systems and Dietary Diversity - Facing the challenges of the 21st Century"- Nutrition Awareness Week Activity - Delhi

(28th February 2020)

Seminar on ‘‘Nutritional Transition with Urban Lifestyle - Nutrition Awareness Week Activity - Coimbatore

(24th January 2020)

Seminar on Exploring Wholesome Ingredients for Holistic Health

(18th October 2019)

Seminar on Food for Holistic Health - Nutrition Awareness Activity - Mumbai

(25th September 2019)

Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting

(30th September 2019)

Seminar on Nutrition Security: Wholesome Food- A Challenge- Nutrition awareness Activity, Bangalore

(4th September 2019)

Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting

(9th August 2019)

Seminar on Optimum Nutrition Now- Better Health Tomorrow - Nutrition Awareness Activity - Coimbatore

(26th July 2019)

Seminar on Build your roots with Healthy Foods - Nutrition Awareness Activity - Rajkot

(5th July 2019)

Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting

(14th June 2019)

Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting

(12th April 2019)

Seminar on ''Good Food for Healthy Life'' - Nutrition Awareness Activity, Delhi

(15th March 2019)

Seminar of Choose Wise Eat Right - Nutrition Awareness Activity, Pune

(12th FEB 2019)

Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting

(8th FEB 2019)

Seminar on Role of Food in Healthy Life - Nutrition Awareness Activity, Coimbatore

(28th December, 2018)

Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting

(19th December, 2018)

Golden Jubilee Seminar on Emerging Foods for Healthier India

(5th & 6th October, 2018)

Presentations in Seminar on Nutrient & Health Claims of Food Products

(8th Nov, 2017)

Presentations in Seminar on Healthy Ingredient for Health & Fitness

(8th June, 2017)

Presentations in Workshop on Recent Amendments & Regulations

(23rd March, 2017)

Presentation in Healthy Persons Healthy Nation:

Product Development, Modification & Innovation for Health

(12th November, 2016)

Presentation in Advances in Nutritional Science, Technology & Regulations of Dietary Fats & Oils

(14th October, 2016)

Presentations in Regulatory Thinking on Proprietary Foods & Product Approval

(19th August, 2016)

Presentations in Seminar on Regulatory Practices: Interpretation & Compliance

(18th April, 2016)

  • Keynote Address: Regulatory Practices: Interpretation and Compliance- Dr. Sesikiran
  • Exposure Analysis for Risk Assessment- Dr. V SudershanRao
  • Analysis Reports: Failure and Risk – Dr.NileshAmritkar
  • Selecting Food Additives under the Food Category System- Ms. ShreyaPandey
  • Role of Processed Foods & Beverages in National Food & Nutrition Security- Mr. Sunil Adsule
  • Court Judgements: Interpreting sections of Act and Regulations- Mr. V Mohan
  • Misbranding and Misleading: Issues and Implementation- Dr. S Sengupta
  • Proprietary Foods Amendment: What is & What is not- Dr. Jasvir Singh
  • Microbiological Evaluation of Food Products- Dr. SandhyaShrivastava

Presentations in Seminar on Safety Of Processed Food Products

(11th September, 2015)

Presentations in Seminar on Sustainable Solutions in Food Industry

(27th February, 2015)