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File1 FSSAI order - Clarification regarding Licensing of products uder Sugar boil...2021-10-13 07:18 340k
File10 Gazette Notification of Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods)...2021-10-13 07:18 1188k
File2 Order regarding Appeal Procedure related to Claims Approval.pdf2021-10-13 07:18 32k
File3 Notice_Public_Comments_Niacin_31_08_2021.pdf2021-10-13 07:18 1356k
File4 Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods) ...2021-10-13 07:18 1292k
File5 Press Release related to State Food Safety Departments are directed to inve...2021-10-13 07:18 588k
File6 Letter _Exempting_Fish_EIC_06_09_2021.pdf2021-10-13 07:18 3316k
File7 Order_Radiation_Food_Licence_10_09_2021.pdf2021-10-13 07:18 736k
File8 Plastic Waste Mangement second amendment regulations, 2021.pdf2021-10-13 07:18 1276k
File9 Press_Release_Survey_TransFat_21_09_2021.pdf2021-10-13 07:18 404k
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